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being_chrysalis [userpic]
Discipline 1 - Writing a "Bothers Me" List Every Day
by being_chrysalis (being_chrysalis)
at August 22nd, 2005 (07:36 am)

At the end of each day, write out things that bothered you this day. It can (and should) include everything from a big fallout with significant people in your life, to the person who cut you off in traffic. The first time I did this list it was 27 items long. In this community I will post a "Bothers Me" post each day and you can reply in a comment with your list. This is not a place to comment on others' bothers-me lists, but a place to put your own. This is meant to be a self-reflective exercise, so please don't be offended if I delete any replies to what others have posted in their lists. For now, I will make the lists public so people can see how this is supposed to work. If at sometime in the future people feel it would be better to have the list "friends only" then I will do that.

You should do this exercise (with no others added) for at least a week to get the hang of it. Trying to incorporate too many of the disciplines too soon can detract from what you need to learn by doing each discipline wih focus.